Public Access for Traditional and Recurve Archers to our 3D Archery Course and Practice Range

Shoot at our 3D archery course and target archery range with your own equipment. Open all year round with self-managed access.

Archery Park is Open for Self-Guided Access

Archery Park Nelson learn hot to shoot lifelike archery targets in realistic environments
14 target stations with around 18 3D targets and a practice range up to 45m await you.

Visit New Zealand's only 3D Field Archery Range with 7 Day Access

Archery Park Nelson’s highlight for sure is the 3D archery course with currently 14 target stations along a walking trail leading into some of the most stunning native New Zealand forest. 
More targets are added constantly and shots increase in complexity and difficulty as you all become better and better at it.
A great sport or fun outdoor adventure for anyone and a sure way to get the kids to participate in a family adventure.
Don’t forget to bring a lunch and swimming togs in summer to take a break and a dip in the crystal clear stream that runs through the 3D archery course.

Summary Information

  • You can visit Archery Park on your own with any traditional or recurve bow. Compounds and Crossbows are not allowed.
  • Plan sufficient time! Archery Park has walking access (or you can bring your bike) only for visitors. The Target Range is 500m walk from the Reception and so is the 1st 3D course target.
  • Strict access and safety rules apply and access is at your own risk – please read on to understand what is involved.
  • We strongly recommend that you carry a first aid kit and a charged cell phone with you.
  • How to pay: See next section.
Our practice range has permanently setup targets from 10m to 45m distance.
The archery 3d course sign-in baord is at the Cable Bay Adventure Park Reception
You find the archery info-board at the Cable Bay Adventure Park reception in the window

How to use the Archery Facilities on your own?

  1. Find the Archery Park info board in the window of the Cable Bay Adventure Park reception
  2. Read the rules and regulations to make sure you can shoot (see section below).
  3. Have a quick chat to a Adventure Park reception staff member to check that there isn’t an event or other risks stopping you from accessing the 3D course. Access to the practice range should always be possible.
  4. Purchase your ticket from the website link written on the board (you can also use a QR code scanner to go directly to the ticket page). Or click here to pay for your ticket now:
  5. Snap a photo of the current map so you don’t get lost.
  6. Enjoy!

Important Safety Rules

Archery Equipment, Park Access and Safety Rules

A lot of effort and time has been spent to make Archery Park as enjoyable and safe as possible. The 3D archery course follows all safety regulations of the IFAA. But in the end it all comes down to you. Please read and understand all our safety rules.

At each visit you are required to sign in at the Cable Bay Adventure Park using the digital sign-in station. They will remember your name and details, so the 2nd visit will be a lot quicker. 

Not following any of the rules may result in an immediate ban with no refund given!

Check if you can use your archery equipment. If you can’t, we do have rental gear available.

  • Only longbows and recurves are allowed.
  • Arrows must have field or target points.
  • Bows must not exceed 60lbs @ 28” draw weight.
  • Compound bows, crossbows, arrows with broadheads etc. are not allowed.

3D Archery Course Safety Rules

Ignoring these rules will put your and other people’s life at risk!

You must:

  • Demonstrate safe behaviour – if in doubt: don’t shoot,
  • shoot from the coloured pegs – they are the only safe shooting position,
  • ensure your target is clear from people or animals and no bows are leaning against the target before you shoot,
  • only nock an arrow when you are at the shooting peg,
  • retrieve arrows when it is safe to do so and you have checked this with all other present archers,
  • ensure a member of your group stays in front of the target or you lean your bows against the target if you have to search for arrows,
  • always stand behind a shooting archer,
  • check your arrows for damage after each shot,
  • shoot within your capabilities – yellow pegs are for kids and absolute beginners, red for novices and blue for advanced
  • always store your arrows in a quiver,
  • never dry fire (shoot without arrow) any bow,
  • no sky-shooting or sky-drawing (shooting up in the air or drawing or aiming high above target),
  • follow all course signs and direction indicators when moving through the course – take no shortcuts,
  • always walk forward through the course – do not return to a target from behind.

Practice Range Safety

  • Follow the rules as stated on the information board at the practice range and be considerate of other users.

All guided tours and activities have priority rights! Walk on the side of the road only to allow vans and quadbikes to pass you safely.

  • The park is a shared space. You will encounter other visitors, mountain bikers, horses, quadbikes, cars etc. – watch out for them!
  • Keep arrows in your quiver until you’re at the target. Never shoot outside the marked archery ranges.
  • You can only walk or bike from the car park. You are not allowed to drive onto the property.
  • Wear sturdy shoes, there are streams to cross and rocks to climb. Ensure you’re fit enough for this.
  • Plan your visit so that you are back by 4pm. Cars that are parked in the car park may be locked in when the park closes.
  • Access may not possible at certain times – check with staff before you go! If you need to be 100% sure call before your visit.
  • You must buy a ticket and sign-in at reception at every visit.
  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.
  • Smoking and vaping in the Adventure Park is strictly forbidden.
  • Guided tours have priority.
  • Understand that not following the rules, equipment failure, accidents and generally being outdoors can cause serious personal injury, including the loss of eyesight or death.
  • When approaching another group in front of you keep your distance and remain quiet.
  • Return any found arrows to the reception to the arrow basket.
  • Do not sit on targets – legs can break.
  • Never ever move targets or pegs. But tell us your idea!
  • Keep to 3 arrows per target. Each arrow causes damage and wears out the target.

Emergencies & Issues

Carry a 1st Aid kit with you. Cell phone reception is good in most areas. The Adventure Park reception can be called on 03-545 0304, Archery Park can be called on: 03-398 8043.

Report any damage, issues or accidents immidiately to us.

Getting to Archery Park Nelson​​

Archery Park is only a 15-minute drive from Nelson Central. We’re located at Cable Bay Adventure Park on 194 Cable Bay Road, Nelson.

Drive 14km north from Nelson City towards Picton. Turn left into Cable Bay Road at the sign posts Cable Bay. We are 2 km down Cable Bay Road on the right-hand side – look for the Archery Park Flag and the Cable Bay Adventure Park sign.