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Archery Battle – Fast and Fierce

Draw – Aim – Shoot – Win!
A fast paced action archery team game. The perfect alternative to paintball!

“You can shoot at your colleagues! What’s a better way of improving team chemistry than shooting foam arrows at each other?” – Trip Advisor Review

Shoot Your Friends With Bow And Arrow

Archery Park Nelson Archery Battle Logo

Archery Battle

A competitive, fun and fast archery action game that puts all your skills to the test.

Think of Archery Battle as a cross between Dodge Ball, Paintball and Archery. Perfect to blow of steam for families, friends, groups and work colleagues.

  • Epic battles with bow and arrows
  • Safety arrows with foam tips and safety masks provided
  • Introduction into archery included
  • No messy paint and less pain than Paintball
  • You will want to come back for more

Archery Battle is Archery Parks take on the popular game of Combat Archery. Varieties exist under the brands Archery Tag, Archery Attack, Dodge Bow and others.

If you have any questions, call us on 03-398 8043, or contact us here.

Bookings are essential! Your booking enquiry will be reviewed within 24 hours.

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The Archery Battle Game

Archery Battle game in progress

Epic archery battles await you

How is Archery Battle played?

Archery Battle is a team sport where you shoot safety arrows at each other.

Two teams are engaged in an epic battle with up to 12 players playing at the same time. For more than 12 players we will form more teams to play against each other in rotation.

In order to win you either eliminate all other players or knock out all the disks from your opponents target, but on’t forget to protect your target and your team mates from becoming decimated.

Not all is lost when you get hit, though: Watch your team and when they knock out a disk from your opponents target or catch an arrow mid air you will be allowed back on.

We let you play as many rounds as you can fit in 1 1/2 hours.

An introduction into archery will be provided by our Master Archer, and you get the time to work on your skills before you go on the battle field. No experience in archery is required.

The Archery Battle Field

The total playing field is 10m*25m.

Each team has their own half of 10m * 10m and defends their players and their target against the opponent team.

Separating the teams is a 5m wide no-mans land in which all arrows are placed at the beginning of each match.

Barrels provide necessary cover for you to load your bow and to take cover from arrows flying your way.


An aerial view of the Archery Battle Playing Field

The Archery Battle arena from above

Archery Battle Safety Equipment

Archery Battle Players ready for battle

Archery Battle players ready for action

Play with the Very Best Archery Gear

The Archery Park team is dedicated to traditional archery. All the gear for our guests is carefully selected and tuned to perfection. We wanted to provide the same experience for our Archery Battle Gear.

Archery Battle Bows

Bows used for Archery Battle need to be super strong: they need to survive hits by arrows at full draw or the occasiobal slam against a cover or the ground. We selected bows from a manufacturer that has been making bows for this game for a really long time and supplies them world wide.

At 24 pound draw weight they can be used by almost everybody but still pack a punch strong enough to be feltwhen you’re getting hit.

Archery Battle Arrows

We set us two objectives for the arrows: 1) The arrows needed to be extra safe! and 2.) The arrows needed to be extra accurate!

We found our arrows in Germany: Extra precise and extra safe. They are consistently rated for their safety in this sport. Each arrow is insured for $5million by the manufacturer, they fly straight for 50m and we hit bulls eye with them every single time (well nearly every time, we have bad days, too).

Archery Battle Masks

We equip every archer with a real paint ball mask by German manufacturer Dye. The mask must be worn at all times while on the field. If a mask is certified for Paintball then it is guaranteed to work for Archery Battle.

We also equip everyone with an armguard to reduce the impact of any string slap.

A Well Meant Warning

Cheap safety arrows can break into sharp pieces or the thin arrow shaft can pierce through the foam head. Both is known to cause serious injuries! 

To prevent this problem all our arrows have an impact distributing plate inside which stops the shaft from piercing through the foam head. In addition our shaft material, which already is extremely hard to break, will never break into sharp pieces but will resemble a soft brush. For the perfect safety package the nock ends of our arrows are rounded.

The inner view of an Archery Battle arrow foam head.

Costs and Duration

Costs for Archery Battle


Costs per player are $35.00 – there are no further costs like in Paintball for more ammunition.

We require a minimum of 8 (4 vs. 4)  players per booking.

We let you play as many matches as you can fit in a 1 1/2 hours.

There are no hidden costs and you don’t have to buy extra arrows as you will never run out – just pick them up and shoot them back.

More than 12 players:

If you like to play with more than 12 players we will form additional teams that play in rotation or use subs.

Game time will be extended by 20mins for each extra team. 

Archery Battle is fast, fierce and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

The details of Archery Battle

Who can play?

The minimum age for Archery Battle is 10 years. We will require guardian supervision and a waiver signed by parents for anyone under the age of 16.

A minimum level of fitness is required as you will need to draw a bow again and again and will be moving on the field in order to avoid being hit by arrows.

What to bring and wear?

Archery Battle is an active game. Just wear clothes you would normally wear while doing sports and you will be fine. Some good trainers will be helpful for better traction on the grass. Jewelry and piercings should be removed or covered. You should consider bringing a water bottle.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s reception of pain is different. In our own experience it feels a bit like being hit by a tennis ball thrown at medium speed. People tell us that they’re surprised by how little they feel the arrow, just enough to know you need to go off the field. It’s definitely a much nicer experience than being hit by a paintball bullet.

Bad Weather?

If the forecast is for severe rain we may cancel games and issue a full refund. We can play in light drizzle as long as you’re up for it. But note that wet grass is more slippery than dry grass and we don’t take any responsibility for sport injuries caused by slipping or tripping.

Is it safe?

Combat Archery, and therefore Archery Battle, has a low risk profile. We equip every player with a paintball mask to avoid injuries to the face and provide an armguard to prevent string slap. Our safety arrows are world class and our equipment is well tuned and checked before and after each booking. We will give a health and safety briefing before the game starts and will provide basic archery instructions. This will make for a safe game but some risks remain.

Is there still some risk?

While we take due care to make Archery Battle safe, we don’t take liability if game rules are not followed by players or masks are removed during the game.

There is also a risk of normal sport injuries as they may happen in any other team sport like football, netball, volleyball etc. of which you must be aware and accept the likes of.

There is a small risk that you may fall on to your or someone else’s bow, that you may get hit by an arrow shaft, broken arrow or the arrow nock causing an injury. By playing Archery Battle you do accept those risks as yours.

Our staff have a valid 1st Aid certification and a 1st aid kit on site, but we intend to never needing it.

All ages: We had Archery Battle players from 10 to 75 years of age!

Testimonials & Reviews

Our visitors, young and old, local and foreign, experienced and absolute beginners alike have raved about their experience at Archery Park.

But no need to take our word for it – see for yourself what they have said:​

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    March 12, 2023

    star rating  A trip back in time - Wow...what a great experience. My wife and I had never shot a bow and arrow, but Markus had us hitting the target within a few rounds of arrows. Then we... read more

    February 27, 2023

    star rating  An experience to remember! - This experience was a fantastic introduction into the amazing field of 3D archery. The trek through the bush was beautiful and relaxing while we came upon the interesting targets. Instructions... read more

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  • star rating  I found myself revisiting this experience in my mind in the days that followed.
    Such a good time. Our guide show us some simple techniques and we where able to... read more

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    February 7, 2023

    star rating  We had a great time at the archery park. Me as a beginner and my partner as an advanced archer had a lot of fun hunting the monsters among the... read more

    avatar thumb Mbabuder
    January 21, 2023

    star rating  Had a great time at the Dragon Hunt Archery Experience. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helps me get my techniques right while on the training archery range, before then... read more

    avatar thumb lol_jo_runs_trails
    January 9, 2023
  • star rating  Fantastic self-guided 3D dragon hunt experience. The day began with a lesson on the archery range with the friendly and extremely knowledgeable Markus and Zoe. With 8 people in the... read more

    avatar thumb isabelbA8583IR
    January 4, 2023

    star rating  We opted for the guided experience and it didn't disappoint! The 5 star reviews are 100% accurate, this is an amazing activity. We received a thorough safety briefing and fantastic... read more

    avatar thumb Liz H
    December 30, 2022

    star rating  A FANTASTIC activity to challenge your friends to and to find out who is the best shot with a bow. No prior experience was required as Markus and Zoe... read more

    avatar thumb nisbe367
    December 28, 2022

star rating  Markus is a very good instructor. It was our first introduction to archery and his guidance took the mystery out of learning something new. The forest hike was beautiful and... read more

avatar thumb KeithCarroll
March 12, 2023

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