Field and Traditional Archery Club Nelson

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Learn all about Nelson’s 1st Traditional Field Archery Club

A traditional field archery club is coming to Nelson in 2019! With regular access to training and the unique Archery Park 3D range and practise range. 

The archery club motivation

Archery Park is a social business – our main objective is to grow the sport of traditional archery in Nelson and New Zealand. This passion was desperately needed to keep us motivated to deliver you the most exciting news since we have started!

The archery club story

Many of you have asked if we could offer regular traditional archery club activities for those interested in the professional sport, and of course this is something that we always had planned. But it’s not an easy task: You need a lot of space for a 3D archery range, you can’t be too close to a residential area, but also not too far from the city. And as there is already a modern archery club in Nelson there is no external funding. But we have finally worked out a way.

The archery club

Initially we will hold a weekly club meeting with a morning training session on either Saturday or Sunday, followed by a round of 3D archery. Depending on how things and numbers develop this might increase.

We have signed an agreement with Cable Bay Adventure Park and Archery Park now has a great practice and 3D range on their land . Cable Bay Adventure Park is only 15 minutes drive from Nelson and they support our plans to offer a regular weekly club session where archers get together for training on our practice and 3D archery range and to have a good old yarn about archery. We are also looking to host an upcoming South Island Champs tournament in the future – the friendly all South Island Archery Clubs competition.

Club members will require their own archery gear. Initially Compound bows will not be allowed. Annual membership fees are not set yet.

If you’re interested in an introduction into traditional 3D archery with all gear and personal training provided, please refer to our Dragon Hunt Experience.

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