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The Dragon Hunt Archery and Nature Experience

  • Plenty of archery lessons by our certified coach Markus will turn you into a good shot, even if you’ve never held a bow before in your life
  • Enjoy the amazing scenery of our park, which is situated in some of the last remaining 5% of ancient virgin New Zealand native forest. Experience towering trees, a lush forest, an abundance of birdlife and crystal-clear streams
  • Everything is taken care of – all archery equipment, including real longbows, arrows and a leather quiver, are provided, and you don’t even need to worry about taking pictures as your trusty guide also doubles as your trusty photographer
  • Shoot at lifelike fantasy and game archery targets that are hiding along the trail and throughout the bush
  • Every Dragon Hunter automatically qualifies to return and shoot at Archery Park with a day ticket on their own (click for more info)
  • We’re only 15 minutes from central Nelson central and offer a free pickup service from the i-Site information centre

The Ultimate Vegan Hunting Experience

A great instructor, heaps of fun and walk through beautiful NZ native (That rivals many paid bush tours).

Adam gave a great testimonial to Archery Park Nelson
Russel Adams


Learning To Trust Your Instincts...

You might be thinking that instinctive archery takes years to master, but we show you the right posture, how to hold and draw the bow, and before you know it you will have started your journey into instinctive archery.

You will develop the ability to shoot your arrow into the exact spot you’re mentally focusing on. While this technique takes a lot of practise to master, we always see great results with our training method and you will feel the rush of adrenaline as you see your arrows hit their mark.

Instinctive archery lesson 1
Learn how to hit the spot using your body and mental focus
Archery Park Nelson Longbow and arrow close-up
The longbow is the purest form of archery - no sights and no modern technology

...and Shooting a Real Longbow

You will shoot feathered arrows with a real longbow and look and feel like a pro with your armguard and quiver. Just like your favourite fantasy figures from the movies… 

We have gone to great lengths to find longbows suitable for beginners, as we want you to have the best experience. The arrows are custom made to be a perfect match for the bows. The Archery Park gear for guests is maintained to the same standard as our own personal archery gear. Lifelike Game and Fantasy Targets

Special archery targets in various shapes and sizes await you thoughtfully placed throughout the park. Shoot at targets in the shape of a boar or rabbit and meet some marvelous fantasy creatures like Dragons.

Archery Park Nelson learn hot to shoot lifelike archery targets in realistic environments
Experience the life of a bow-hunter from the past
Archery Park Nelson is located in a pristine and beautiful well untouched native forest
Get close to stunning silver ferns and towering native trees Spectacular Native New Zealand Forest

Follow a short tramping track along Nelson’s cleanest stream that leads into over 20 hectares of pristine native forest. Your guide will point out highlights to you throughout your journey.

Miraculously missed by generations, you’ll experience a New Zealand forest that remains in a pre-human state and is part of the rare last 5% of New Zealand virgin forests. Walk under Totara and Maitai trees that are hundreds of years old and tower high above the forest and shoot between silver-ferns that are among some of the tallest around.

Our trapping program ensures that you will get close to New Zealand bird life, with Bellbirds, Robins, Tuis, Kereru and Fantails abundant. And if you’re lucky we will spot a pair of the extremely rare native NZ Falcon that calls this place home.

Relax in some of Nelson’s finest nature and leave civilization behind.

...and being Trained By An Experienced and Certified Archery Coach

Your trusty guide and archery coach is long time longbow archer Markus. He has been practising the sport for over 17 years and has now made his life-long dream a reality by opening Archery Park to share with you his passion and knowledge in this beautifully tranquil park.

Markus is a certified NZFAA community archery coach, has built his own bows and arrows and has trained hundreds of archers. He is actively involved in the professional field archery sport. He has won and organised several archery tournaments and recently won the silver medal in his division in the 2018 NZFAA Bowhunter Nationals.

Markus is a member of the Traditional Archery Society, the New Zealand Field Archery Association (NZFAA) and the New Zealand Bowhunter Society (non-hunting, but enjoying their tournaments). He has also been an administrator for one of Europe’s largest traditional archery internet discussion boards.

Learn all the archery skills required following best practise and from a skilled archery coach
5 trip pass to shoot at Archery Park on your own
Become a qualified archer that can shoot at Archery Park on their own Return and Practice any Time You Want with a Day Ticket in Future

All Dragon Hunters automatically qualify to shoot at the 3D archery range and target archery range at Archery Park on their own with a day ticket.

Bring your new learned skills to the next level with regular training sessions and meet more archers. Or just enjoy the option of coming back whenever you feel the urge to shoot some arrows.


This Will Truly Be An Outdoor Archery Adventure That You Will Never Forget

Expect a great time . . . And then see your expectations exceeded!

What can I say? The activity was organised by my adult kids and I went along expecting to shooting arrows for an hour. Instead we got a 3+ hour adventure. We got a first-rate tutor, Markus, who gave clear, safe, practical instructions (and patient too) teaching us the basics. Then, it’s off into the forest hunting for dragons and creatures, Lord of the Rings style. The amazing thing was how deceptively Marcus improved our shooting skills with each target increasing in difficulty. I could not believe that we were hitting targets as accurately as we did. The scenery in the forest was beautiful and surprisingly cool for such a hot day. We had a blast . . And recommend it 100%. . . Worth every cent.

Scott ArcheryParkNelson Testimonial
Scott Carpenter

Your Archery Adventure - What You Need To Know

Your adventure trip details

Tours start most days at 10.00am. Just choose the day and start time that suits you best in our online booking system.

It is essential to book in advance as all tours are by arrangement only and are limited to 6 people.

It’s important that everyone arrives on time as we’ll depart as a group.

Please allow 3 to 4 hours for your Archery Adventure.

The cost is $125 – our special opening rate!
Children and local specials are available.

Please Note: All Children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. The accompanying adult must participate in the activity.

All prices include GST. A portion of your payment will support our Robin Hood Scheme and our Archery Club.

group of archers in the forest of Archery Park Nelson
What are you waiting for - get ready for your archery adventure

Your adventure pack list

Stream crossing at Archery Park Nelson
Exploring nature and crossing streams is all part of your archery adventure

What to wear

All you need is a pair of sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothes and a sense of adventure. Our unique forest archery adventure takes place along a 3 km track with uneven ground and two small stream crossings with a rope handrail and boulder hopping. Jandals (flip-flops) are not appropriate footwear!

What to bring

Bring sunscreen and insect repellent, water and a snack – carry it in a small backpack so that you have your hands free for your bow.

Carry your emergency medication if you are allergic to wasp or bee stings or anything else you might encounter outdoors. And please advise us about this when you book.

Can you do it?

You need to be fit enough to walk an outdoor track of about 3km which has uneven, steep, muddy and narrow sections. The track crosses two small streams using boulders and handrail ropes.

But we do not expect you to know anything about archery.

Important information

Minimum age

The Dragon Hunt Archery Adventure is suitable for kids from the age of 10 onward. They must be able to walk for ca. 3km and be able to spend 2 hours outside in the bush as we can’t return to base in the middle of the tour. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult that must also participate in the archery experience.

If they are under the age of 10 but have experience in archery or are fit and very coordinated from other sports we may agree to their participation, but contact us before you make your booking so that we can assess the situation.

Bad weather cancellations

Heavy rain and strong winds severely affect arrow flight and can create risks on our track network. Should we have to cancel a session because of a bad weather forecast, we will advise you on the day before your booking at around 5 pm. A full refund will be issued. Please note that this is a rare occasion, as we’re in sunny Nelson.
After heavy rain, the streams in our park can be very high for a couple of days. In this rare case we will get in touch with you and you can choose between three options: 1) Simply postpone your booking, 2) Enjoy an extended archery training session on our practise range and get a 50% refund, or 3) Receive a full refund.

Do it, it’s a lot of fun

Do it, it’s a lot of fun. Marcus is friendly and has a passion for archery and that shows during this lifelike experience. Not your typical range by no means. A+

daniel archeryparknelson testimonial
Daniel Leckie


Our visitors, young and old, local and foreign, experienced and absolute beginners alike have raved about their experience at Archery Park.

But no need to take our word for it – see for yourself what they have said:​


Getting to Archery Park Nelson​​

Archery Park is only a 15-minute drive from Nelson Central. We’re located at Cable Bay Adventure Park on 194 Cable Bay Road, Nelson.

Drive 14km north from Nelson City towards Picton. Turn left into Cable Bay Road at the sign posts Cable Bay. We are 2 km down Cable Bay Road on the right-hand side – look for the Archery Park Flag and the Cable Bay Adventure Park sign.

Free pickup: We offer a free pickup from Nelson i-Site visitor information centre for all Dragon Hunt Archery Adventure bookings.

Come join us for the Archery Adventure of a Lifetime​

It's legendary!