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Hens Do and Stag Do at Archery Park

A Hens Do at Archery Park Nelson

Recently we were approached by Sara and she asked us if we could manage a few extra people for a Hens Do. She was planning a surprise for her friend Kelly who is getting married. We happily obliged and reserved an extended timeslot for 7 people for our Dragon Hunt Archery Experience. So, on a super sunny Saturday morning in early spring 7 excited and super motivated women showed up for their hen party.  We had extended the allocated time slot by moving all other booking options on the day further back. This gave us enough time to do a really cool activity even with a slightly larger group.

Once we had welcomed them., we went through the usual program of our safety briefing and our archery elemental training. This is our specialty and we have worked a fair bit on this program. While it looks super simple and very basic, it allows us to explain and train the right posture for longbow archery in a very short time.

Afterwards lots of arrows were fired on our practice range to get everyone used to shoot with bow and arrow. Once we were ready we all headed into the bush to hunt down game and fantasy archery targets. Some fantastic talent emerged and the bride itself showed some super skills at archery.

Get in touch for your Hens Do or Stag Do

If you like to hold a Hens Do or Stag Do at Archery Park Nelson get in touch with us. We can change the Dragon Hunt Experience to work for up to 8 people – it will just take a bit of extra time. We offer a discount for a single group booking with that many people. Archery makes a great start into your day – start with an outdoor experience, get some sun and fresh air and lots of happy hormones to kick of the rest of your day.

If you want some extra action and have an even bigger group, please have a look at Archery Battle. This is our team archery competition, where you’re allowed to fire at each other (safely!).