Black Line Traditional Carbon Arrow


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Tough and affordable traditional carbon arrow in black and red with right-wing 4″ turkey shield cut standard inner diameter of 6.2mm.

Note: Sold in lots of 6 only, e.g. 6, 12, 18, etc.

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Traditional Complete Carbon Arrow in Black and Red

Tough and affordable traditional carbon arrow in black and red and 700 spine. Under the bonnet this is the same carbon type and design as in our awesome fluo-series which we tested to the extreme over two years and are more than satisfied with these sticks.

These arrows are an economical choice too:  Fletched with right-wing 4″ turkey shield cut feathers and a standard inner diameter of 6.2mm it is super easy to find spare parts in most archery shops in New Zealand (and from us of course).

The arrows come in standard 30″ length and with a 100grain screw in point that you can swap for other weights or point types.

These arrows are suitable for target archery, 3D archery and small game hunting.


Which arrow for which bow + Weight and Out Diameter details

For bows 20# to 30#: 700 Spine – ID 6.2, 5.53 GPI, OD 7.10

Straightness: +/-  .003″

Safety Tested

We have tested this shaft rigorously to make sure the carbon fibres are cross woven. This means the inner part of the carbon tube is spun using an endless carbon thread that runs around and upwards and the outer carbon fibres are in a 90degree angle to the inner ones. This makes the arrow a lot tougher as it can resist impact better but it also makes it safer: The most dangerous thing in archery is when an arrow breaks at release. This arrow will usually break clean and straight, which can still cause an injury – but the design provides a good level of protection from thin and sharp carbon splinters lodging under the skin. This is a big and dangerous issue found in most other cheap carbon arrows that have all carbon fibres running in a straight line forward only.

But remember:  always flex before you shoot to identify any issues!

Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 0.7 × 0.7 cm
Arrow Spine

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Arrow Shaft Type



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