Bow Stringer Pro


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Easy to Use and Strong Bowstringer

A bow stringer is an essential tool for every archer. Push-pull and step through stringing of a bow creates an element of risk to twist or otherwise damage your bow limbs.

A bow stringer is basically essential for bows with strong recurves such as most target archery bows, traditional bowhunter recurves and hybrid longbows.

This bow stringer is suitable for longbows and recurve bows up to 68″ length and up to 60# draw weight.

The rubber triangle on the unstrung side is basically slip-proof and provides perfect cushioning and protection of your bow limbs, whereas the pocket side is made from heavy nylon and double stitched. Combine this with a strong and thick nylon string and you have the perfect little tool.

Signature Class: This bow stringer is another piece of archery equipment that we use daily at Archery Park Nelson.