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Self-Guided Access for Traditional Archers at Archery Park Nelson

Visit New Zealand’s only 3D Archery Range with 7 Day AccessArchery Park Nelson’s highlight for sure is the 3D field archery range with over 20 3D archery targets placed along a walking trail in the most stunning native New Zealand forest. More targets will be added over time and shots will increase in complexity and difficulty […]

3d archery target with arrows.

At the Kapiti Classic Archery Tournament

I had been invited to the Kapiti Classic tournament in July 2018, just north of Wellington. As the only participant from the South Island I felt a bit nervous but was greeted by a very friendly bunch of people. The club is associated with New Zealand Field Archery, but the Kapiti Classic tournament is open to […]

Beginning with Archery and your first set of Bow and Arrows

Buying your first bow and arrows If you’re about to buy your first bow and arrows you should consider a few things. 1. Start with a low draw weight bow Archery is a very unique way of using your muscles. Nothing will have prepared you for this, unless you’re a regular rower. So your muscles […]