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Self-Guided Access for Traditional Archers at Archery Park Nelson

Visit New Zealand’s only 3D Archery Range with 7 Day AccessArchery Park Nelson’s highlight for sure is the 3D field archery range with over 20 3D archery targets placed along a walking trail in the most stunning native New Zealand forest. More targets will be added over time and shots will increase in complexity and difficulty […]

Archery Park conservation efforts

Conservation Efforts at Archery Park Nelson

Why do we need conservation in New Zealand? We love nature and the New Zealand wildlife, so we wanted to do our part for conservation from day one. Archery Park is situated on an old farming location. Back in the days they used all sorts of natural hedging to keep the cattle from breaking out. […]


The Archery Park longbows have arrived

Our Longbow order has arrived! The ones in the picture are for the 5 people who took the opportunity to purchase together with us. They have all been setup and tuned and are now ready to go. We have 6 longbows for right hand shooters and 3 longbows for left hand shooters – and enough […]