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Awesome afternoon

What a great afternoon we had with Markus and the team. We had a group of 18 adults, male and female, for a friendly competition. We had four rounds of archery battle, where we were actually firing, rubber ended arrows at each other. Painless and fun. Then we went on to classic low bow archery, on a range. We finished off the afternoon at the cafe with great pizza and nice cold beer. Great value, great fun.

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We all had a blast

We had a great visit for our end of year work celebration. Although there was a drizzle of rain for part of it we all had a blast. There was 16 of us and they kept us busy the whole time. Lots of friendly competition and banter. Thanks Archery Park Nelson 🙂

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Great activity for a team Christmas Party!

Markus and his team are great teachers and very willing to help and make sure everyone is having a great time. They have a number of different options on how the day can run and what activities to do and cater to each group individually. Lastly was an amazing setting with great shade from the summer sun.

Cawthron ArcheryParkNelson Testimonial

You can shoot at your colleagues!

Had a great few hours of archery with or work team… and what’s a better way of improving team chemistry than shooting foam arrows at each other?

Kiwinet ArcheryParkNelson Testimonial

A fun afternoon for our work team

We were looking for an activity for our work team, to back onto our annual planning workshop in Nelson. Archery turned out to be a great option that we all thoroughly enjoyed! Markus, our tutor, was very knowledgeable, friendly and had a great sense of humour. He worked in with our limited time frame to get us all up to speed quickly with the basics of archery and we were all hitting the targets quite proficiently in no time. With health and safety and the keys to building good technique under our belts, we headed up into the bush for some competition, which was great fun. I’d thoroughly recommend this activity for families, groups of friends or teams of all ages and stages.

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