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Traditional archery products - hand selected by the experienced Archery Park Nelson team.

2 year warranty on all our products!

Archery Park Products - Connect With Your Instincts


Browse our selection of longbows, recurve bows and kids bows.


What’s a bow without an arrow? Find complete arrows and components here.


Real leather armguards in various styles and sizes for a safe experience.

Complete Sets

Get your complete  traditional archery set with one of our curated complete sets. Great gear, matching arrows, quiver, armguards etc. to get you started!

Premium Accessories

Check our TRAD Prime range for some ultra premium archery accessories with intricate and historically accurate details and the very finest leather.

Gloves and Tabs

Protect your fingers in style with our wide range of shooting gear.


Side quivers, back quivers, bow quivers and even pocket quivers.


Shooting at a flat target is fun – shooting at a 3D target is funner!

Kids World

Check our products for the youngest and smallest archers. We have sourced some great products and even designed some of it on our own.

Bow Accessories

Bow stringers, bow squares, nocking points, pliers, string silencers, bow wax and more for the proficient archer.

In Stock in NZ

"In Stock" items are here in our store ready to ship - otherwise we pay you $10!

2 Year Warranty

We provide a minimum of 2 years warranty on all our products!  

Afterpay and CCs

Credit Card and Afterpay accepted over our secure payment systems.

NZ Wide Courier

NZ wide - no matter what you order, we always send a tracking link to you.

Archery Park Products: Shop For Traditional Archery Gear

Your Traditional Archery Online Shop for longbows, traditional recurve bows, leather armguards, shooting gloves and tabs, leather quivers, arrows, 3D archery targets and more.

20 years of experience in traditional archery and 3 years of experience in running our own highly rated public 3D archery range and course in Nelson ensure that you will find great archery products.

All archery park products are hand picked and used regularly at Archery Park: either for our guests, at our club or by ourselves (check our Signature Range). Increasingly we design our own products.

You are welcome to test all our archery products in person at our Archery Park Nelson target range and 3D course! But please schedule your visit so we can make sure the gear is on site.

Archery Park Nelson

5.0 124 reviews

Archery Park Nelson

5.0 124 reviews

Socially and Environmentally Friendly

Archery Park Is A Social And Environmentally Friendly Business

All your purchases support Archery Park – a social and ecological mindful business that operates a public 3D Archery Course in Nelson, New Zealand. 

We support numerous community activities and run our own subsidised Traditional Archery Club – our members can access our facilities 7 days a week.

Community Minded

Special Rates for Archery Clubs​

Are you an Archery Club looking for 3D Targets or other equipment? Get in touch! We offer great discounts for volume orders and can freight 3D targets directly to you, saving you greatly on shipping.

You can already find our 3D targets at the Canterbury Archery Society, Southland Bowhunter Club and Wanaka Archery Club and at our own 3D course at Archery Park.

Adventure Spirited

Looking For Ways Of Getting Into Archery?

Check our amazing archery adventures on our Archery Park Adventure page.

Learn to shoot from our highly experienced and certified archery coach on our own archery range and 3D archery course in Nelson.

Come to one of our regular Archery Have-A-Go sessions, book some private coaching or experience our awesome half day archery adventure the Dragon Hunt!

Highly rated on Google and Number 1 on Tripadvisor for Outdoor Activities in Nelson!

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