Finger Guards Slim or Wide




Finger Guards – Great for kids or family bows and also bow fishing

Finger guards are small silicon tubes that sit over the string and can be used instead of finger tabs or shooting gloves.

They are a great solution for low draw weight bows that might be passed around or for family bows that are used by many family members.

While generally not as accurate as a shooting glove or tab they are an affordable solution to protect fingers.

We recommend using the small size for strings with 14 strands or less and for young kids.

Great for bowfishing

Another great use for finger strings is for the sport of bow fishing. These silicon rings provide a good grip when wet and where you don’t want your fancy shooting glove or tab becoming wet.


Installation is easy: Shooting tabs come with a small metal pincer that is hooked around the string loop. Then the guard is slid over the piece and held together with pliers. Pull firmly again and again over the guard to slide it onto the string. Make sure the longer part goes on the bottom of the string and the shorter part on the top for split finger shooting.

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