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Made in Germany by Franzbogen

The coolest targets on the planet. 3D Archery Targets provide a sense of hunting with bow and arrow. They are used by many 3D archery courses, like our own, but also on target archery ranges and in your backyard at home.

3D Archery Targets are made of high density PU foam. Good quality archery targets stop arrows well, arrows pull out easy and holes close once the arrow is removed (until the start to wear as each arrow is damaging the target a little bit).

Franzbogen 3D Targets

Our targets have a renowned quality and are made by Franzbogen in Germany. They can be found on nearly every 3D archery course in Europe, they were used at the European Bowhunter Tournament and are globally IFAA certified.

We are the exclusive New Zealand distributor as we believe in their outstanding quality and yet they have a great price compared to many other brands. You find our targets also at Hari Hari South-Westland Club, Canterbury Archery Club and Wanaka Archery Club. If you’re a club and are interested get in touch to discuss a bulk purchase.


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