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Black Eagle Vintage Crested Traditional Carbon Arrow (ID .244"up to 34")


A deadly beautiful, premium traditional carbon arrow for hunting and target shooting.

The Black Eagle Vintage® arrow is the first of its kind on the market:

  • helical fletching ensures better spin and greater broadhead accuracy
  • hand painted traditional cresting
  • each arrow is quality inspected
  • the Duracoat wood grain overlay-finish on the shaft allows for refletching and cresting

These arrows have a 34″ shaft length, are ready fletched and include a nock and a packed insert.

Cutting and insert install services can be added below.

Remember to buy arrow points with this arrow as they are not included:  These here fit the best: 3D Combo Screw-In for hunting select one of our screw in broadheads from here.

Note: Sold in lots of 6 only, e.g. 6, 12, 18, etc. Price is per arrow excl. arrow points.

Please let us know in the field below your desired shaft lengths in either INCH or CM and if we should measure from NOCK FLOOR or ACTUAL SHAFT LENGTH. If field is empty you will get full length shafts (34″).

We prepare and clean the shaft inside and glue in the insert with Bohning Blue Cool Flex. The result will be a solid but flexible insert bond. Just heat the front of the shaft briefly in very hot (not boiling) water and it becomes flexible again so you can align your broadheads.

Get more impact and FOC with these compatible brass inserts:

TRAD 40grn Brass Insert for Carbon Arrows ID6.2

Our Trad insert for our Trad Carbon shafts. This insert is made of brass and weighs a heavy 40grn. Ideal to turn your Trad Carbon shaft into a hunting arrow. More weight means a heavier impact and will drive your broadhead in more. These insert have a tight grip and hold in well.

Note: Sold in lots of 3. Price is per insert.

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Black Eagle Vintage Crested Traditional Carbon Arrow

A deadly beautiful, premium traditional arrow for hunting and target shooting.

The Black Eagle Vintage® arrow is the first of its kind on the market. Many serious traditional archers, and compound archers, are looking for a high quality wood grain carbon arrow so they delivered. Each Vintage arrow’s cresting is hand painted and quality inspected. The Duracoat wood grain overlay-finish on the shaft allows for refletching and cresting.

Vintage arrows are straightness sorted, spine matched, and weight matched to ensure the quality and toughness that you have come to expect.


  • helical fletching for better spin and broadhead accuracy
  • .005″ or Better Straightness or Straighter
  • ± 1 Grain Weight Tolerance
  • 34″ Shaft Length


  • Black Eagle Arrows Standard Push-In Nock – Fluo Red -8 Grains
  • 4″ Feathers | Red Barred, Black – 3 Grains
  • Aluminum Inserts – 14 Grains – packed, not installed

(Standard Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts, Bohning Blue hotmelt will be Ok.

NO Cleaner for Outside or Inside the shaft is recommended! Use wet Q-Tip or Paper towel.)


  • 350 Spine: 34″ length, 9.8GPI, ID .244″, OD .303″
  • 400 Spine: 34″ length, 9.2GPI, ID .244″, OD .301″
  • 500 Spine: 34″ length, 8.5GPI, ID .244″, OD .297″
  • 600 Spine: 34″ length, 7.9GPI, ID .244″, OD .293″

Safety Tested


We have tested this shaft rigorously to make sure the carbon fibres are cross woven. This means the inner part of the carbon tube is spun using an endless carbon thread that runs around and upwards and the outer carbon fibres are in a 90degree angle to the inner ones. This makes the arrow a lot tougher as it can resist impact better but it also makes it safer: The most dangerous thing in archery is when an arrow breaks at release. This arrow will usually break clean and straight, which can still cause an injury – but the design provides a good level of protection from thin and sharp carbon splinters lodging under the skin. This is a big and dangerous issue found in most other cheap carbon arrows that have all carbon fibres running in a straight line forward only.

But remember:  always flex before you shoot to identify any issues!

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Dimensions 72 × 0.7 × 0.7 cm
Arrow Spine

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