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2 Year Warranty

Archery equipment is usually under heavy stress. Many suppliers in NZ don’t offer more than the mandatory 1 year warranty. We believe in our products and go the extra mile and cover 2 years. Of course the Consumer Guarantees Act applies to our products – you can read further below how we handle this.

Please read our Returns Policy to learn how we handle returns. Or just get in touch with us if you have any issues using our Contact Form or call us on 03 398 8043.

A dated receipt is needed for any warranty coverage. For bows this must include the purchase (or proof of ownership) of a bow stringer, as we will not warranty bows that have been strung by other methods.

Problems are always best discussed in person.

For Bows our 2 year warranty means:

We cover issues with:

  • Delaminating or broken limbs caused by normal use
  • Cracks in limbs or limb laminations
  • Broken or cracked risers
  • Broken bow end tips

We don’t cover:

  • Bows that have been strung without a bow stringer
  • Deliberate damage or mishandling or misusage of bows (e.g. leaving them strung in a hot car in summer)
  • Twisted bow limbs caused by wrong storage, not using a bow stringer and generally after 6 months of use
  • Attempts at repairs
  • Bows that have their writing or serial numbers removed
  • General wear and tear, like scratches or issues with the finish

How we honor this:

  • We either repair or replace the faulty items or may decide to offer a partial or full refund


For Tools and Leather Gear our 2 year warranty means:

We cover issues with:

  • Manufacturing faults
  • Stitching coming undone
  • Tools no longer working as expected

We don’t cover:

  • Deliberate damage or mishandling or misusage of the product
  • Attempts at repairs
  • Removing or altering writing, serial numbers removed or functionality
  • General wear and tear (e.g. velcro fluffing out, stretch bands becoming weary, bearings wearing out)
  • Normal characteristics of natural leather: changes in colour, stretching, creases etc.

How we honor this:

  • We either repair or replace the faulty items or may decide to offer a partial or full refund


For Arrows and Targets our 2 year warranty means:

Arrows, arrow components and targets are special. Basically the moment you use them you risk breaking them (arrows) and you certainly damage a target with each arrow.

We cover:

  • Manufacturing faults, e.g. feathers falling off on arrows that have mainly been stored but not used
  • Targets that come apart after only a handful of arrows

We don’t cover:

  • Arrows that break during normal use – this is normal if you miss the target, they glance of a rock, tree or target corner or are hit by another arrows
  • Targets that wear out due to their use. Wearing out over time where arrows hit a target is normal.

How we honor this:

  • We either repair or replace the faulty items or may decide to offer a partial or full refund


Consumer Guarantees Act

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act all our consumer products must meet the guarantees of:

  • Acceptable quality
  • Fit for a particular purpose
  • Match description, sample or demonstration model
  • Reasonable price
  • Right to sell the products
  • Products arrive on time and in good condition
  • Spare parts and repair facilities available
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty

We do this by ensuring that:

  • Our products work – by testing them rigorously ourselves before we decide to sell them. Should it fail to do what it is designed for then we will replace it, fix it or refund you!
  • Describing in detail what our products are designed for (e.g. our kids bows list shorter maximum draw length). Should it not do what we say then we will replace it, fix it or refund you!
  • 99% of our product photos are taken by ourselves and all products can be tested in person first. If we send you a blue smurf instead of a green bow then you have all rights to be upset and we will make this right asap!
  • We price all our products for you or we will provide a quote first. Certain costs can only be provided as estimates, e.g. bulk overseas imports for Archery Clubs, but we will try to give a risk rating for you to budget for.
  • You can totally sell any equipment that you buy from us or hand it over to the next generation. It’s totally yours after your purchase.
  • We use tracked courier exclusively, except where discussed and agreed otherwise. We pack orders carefully, even in recycled or recyclable packaging where possible. 
  • Products that are listed as In Stock are here with us in Nelson. Very few of our products are on back-order, in those cases we explicitly state this including the expected delivery time. 
  • Where possible we offer spare parts and repair facilities (bow strings, fletching, glue). Certain products can’t be repaired either because it is too difficult (such as bow limbs and archery targets), too dangerous (such as arrow shafts) or too costly (such as overseas products like longbows) or uneconomical (like some leather products).