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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Archery Park is dedicated to providing quality products and services to our customers. If you have purchased a product through us that exhibits a fault or your are not satisfied with it then our aim is to resolve the issue for you in the fastest time possible!

Archery Park will only accept returns for the following scenarios:

  • 14 day returns guarantee: Dissatisfaction with a product within 15 days from shipment (must be new, unused and with all parts and original packaging, also read more below as there are some exclusions).
  • Goods damaged or faulty prior to delivery.
  • Goods that vary from their description on this website.
  • Goods supplied incorrectly.
  • Goods that fall within our 2 Year Warranty Policy.

We do not accept returns that haven’t been discussed beforehand or come without any information on why they were returned, or who has returned them. If we receive your parcel that does not mean automatically that we accept your return – please discuss it before you send it.

Order Cancellations

If you wish to cancel an order you have placed on our website, please contact us. Please note that once payment has been made you are unable to cancel the order from your end. A cancelled order is usually refunded minus the credit card/Afterpay payment fees as they are not returned to us.

We usually ship within 48hrs, often even faster. Once your item has been shipped a cancellation is no longer possible.

Returns Process

There are 2 parts to this:

1) Returning Faulty Products – because there is an issue with your product.

2) 14 day returns guarantee: Returning For Exchange or Refund – maybe you didn’t like the product or need a different size


Tell us first

Both processes start by getting in touch with us:

  1.  Ideally just reply to the order confirmation email that contains the product with the issue – we do read them
  2. Alternatively use our Contact Form HERE
  3. Or call us on 03 398 8043

Return Products

If we decide that we need to see the item in person then please return the product/s to us:

  • In the original condition,
  • with all parts, manuals, wrappings, original box,
  • including a copy of your invoice.
  • Indicate a reason for your return.
  • Indicate your preferred remedy.

If you’re in Nelson please bring it to us for fastest service. Otherwise post it to: Archery Park Ltd, 26 Konini Street, Nelson 7010

Provide Proof or Purchase

In order to obtain any remedy from us, you must provide us with clear proof of purchase. The proof of purchase may either be a:

  • Receipt we issued; or
  • bank statement or credit card statement where the amount shown on the statement directly corresponds with the purchase price of the product (where multiple products were purchased in one transaction, this would limit our ability to establish proof of purchase): or
  • your order confirmation email.

If we cannot be satisfied that you purchased the product from us then we may elect whether or not to accept your product for return. For fraud prevention purposes, if you do not have a receipt, and we elect to give you a return we will need to record your personal details.

In Case of a Fault:

1. We assess your return

If the product fault can safely and clearly be determined in store or from remote (e.g. photo or video), we will offer you a refund, exchange, or repair.

Where the product fault is uncertain, difficult or potentially dangerous to determine in store, we may need to consult with the manufacturer to determine the fault and resolution. When we send your product to the manufacturer, we will ask them to assess the product and provide their assessment within a reasonable timeframe.

Once the product is with the manufacturer, they will determine whether:

  • there is no fault found;
  • the product has been damaged or abused through misuse, abnormal use or negligent use.
  • there is a fault which can be repaired within a reasonable timeframe;
  • there is a fault of a substantial character found and you are to be offered the opportunity to reject the product or to seek damages in compensation for any reduction in value of the product below what you paid for it; or
  • Where the manufacturer’s assessment finds that there is no fault with the product, or that the product been damaged due to misuse, abnormal use or negligent use, we may require you to pay us for any fee incurred by us in connection with the assessment of your product, and the transportation.

Unfortunately Archery Park cannot offer a refund or exchange where there is no fault with the product, or the product has been damaged due to misuse, abnormal use or negligent use, whether that has been identified by Archery Park, the manufacturer or the repair agent. However, in such case, we may offer you repair of your product at your cost.

2. No Freight charges for faulty goods

There will be no freight charges to you for faulty products – we offer free return labels!

For urban locations the Courier will pick the parcel up from your address, for rural locations you need to deliver the packed and labelled return item to the nearest Courier service office.

We also ship replacements for faulty goods and wrong deliveries free of charge.

14 day returns guarantee: Return for Exchange or Refund:


The following items can’t be returned or refunded – unless there is a fault:

  • Special or custom orders
  • Cut arrow shafts
  • Custom made arrows
  • End of stock sales

2. We assess your return

Only unused items in new condition with all the original packaging, manuals, wrapping, boxes, labels etc. can be refunded or exchanged. We assess this once we have received your return.

At our sole discretion we may offer a percentage refund for items that show signs of use, have missing parts or are not in the original packaging.

3. Refund or Exchange

If we’re satisfied with your return we will:

Either issue you a refund:

  • Minus the credit card or Afterpay fee. 
  • If gift vouchers have been used and the remaining order value goes under the minim purchase amount of the voucher then we will also subtract the voucher value.
  • Credit Card and Afterpay regulations require us to only refund into the account the original purchase was made from.

Or offer an exchange product:

  •  If the exchange product costs more or less then the original item we will either invoice you for the extra mount, or refund you the difference.

4. All Freight charges are on you

Freight costs for returning your item to us have to be paid by you.

Freight costs for exchange items also have to be paid by you, but if you like to order more items we can add your exchange item to your new order at no costs.