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Archery Adventure Tours Are Closed



We are extremely sad to inform you that we closed our archery range and 3D course in Nelson. After 2 difficult years with Covid, 3 floods, and endless bookings cancelled because of poor weather we needed a change. The time and cost required to battle these issues took a toll on us.

We are looking forward to focus on the growth and development of our online shop. Many plans are in motion and we will soon increase our product range.

The Archery Adventure Tours have been a dream of mine since I was 20 years old. I am happy that I was able to create one of the worlds highest rated Archery Experiences and a place for archers in the Top of the South to meet, train and have fun. So it wasn’t an easy decision to make and I’m sorry if this affects your plans for a visit.

If you have a valid and unexpired voucher for either Have A Go or the Dragon Hunt then please send us a message with the voucher code and your bank details using our contact form and we will refund it!

Our thanks go out to the many, many guests we could introduce to archery. Our archery club members. The many organisations and businesses who held their team events with us. And the many, many other people who supported us over the time.

Our final shoot at the 3D course is on Saturday, 27 May 10am (weather permitting) – free for all traditional archers.

Hopefully we see you in the future, out hunting or at a tournament around NZ.

Your chief archery dude,