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Caring for Our Planet: Our Sustainable Practices, Goals & current Emmissions

Archery is a sport that thrives in nature, and hunting can be an active tool in environmental management. That’s why we take sustainability seriously and we’re proud to be a certified Carbon Friendly business.

Our commitment to sustainability should be evident in everything we do. For example, all our packaging and printing is made from recycled materials sourced in New Zealand or repurposed from our deliveries. Our bow tubes are made from locally sourced former carpet rolls and are a favourite of our customers to protect their bows while traveling. We also encourage our suppliers to follow our lead in reducing waste by using smaller boxes made from recycled materials (thanks for listening Bearpaw!).

We actively monitor our energy use and waste production, freight emissions caused by importing products and delivering them to you, and offset what we can’t reduce. We work hard to find better ways to reduce our carbon footprint and see offsetting only as a temporary improvement, but not the ultimate fix.

We believe that every small step counts, and our ultimate goal is to become a carbon positive company. Despite our size, we’re committed to improving our entire supply chain and leading by example to promote a more sustainable future for all.

Archery Park is a Certified Carbon Friendly Business

What does Carbon Friendly stand for?

A Carbon Friendly business:

  1. has documented their carbon footprint for the past 12 months using their own datasets,
  2. underwent a review of the documentation by an accredited organisation – we use the NZ based company Ekos,
  3. used an officially recognised CO2 calculator to work out the CO2 emissions and
  4. has offset their carbon emissions with official certificates.

Our Carbon footprint is measured for the past 12 months, starting from when we were first certified in 2019. Our current measuring period goes from 15 March 2022 to 14 March 2023. As part of our analysis for the last period we reported:

Electricity Consumption: 1,330kwh – 0.19 Tonnes CO2

Waste: 60kg – 0.111 Tonnes of CO2 (we established a waste reduction program right at the start)

Company Vehicle: 7,095kms – 2.106 Tonnes CO2

Travel (flights, accommodation, rental cars): 1.964 Tonnes CO2

Inward Freight: air freight – 0.014 Tonnes CO2

Outward Freight: air and road freight – 0.05 Tonnes CO2

Total: 4.43 Tonnes of CO2