Saunders Nock Point


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The Saunders Nock Point (official name Nok Set®) is the Worlds Leading Nocking Device!  Light weight, rounded brass with protective inner liner keeps arrow-to-string position consistent.

Note: Nock points are sold individually!



Saunders Nock Point

A nock point is an essential tuning element for your bow. It provides consistency for the angle in which your arrow is launched off the bow and if set correctly will ensure the best arrow flight possible.

A good starting point for most traditional bows would be to set the nock point 1.1cm above the arrow rest. Then ask someone to watch your arrow flying out of the bow – they should check if the arrow rides up and down and listening for a clacking sound. This means the nock point requires adjusting up or down.

The official Saunders Nok Set® is the Worlds Leading Nock Point Device!  A light weight, rounded brass ring with protective inner liner keeps arrow-to-string position consistent.

Your complete tuning kit should consist of a T Bow Square to measure the nock point height, a pair of nock point pliers, a couple nock points and string wax.

SAFETY ADVICE: Only install your nock point with nock-point pliers. Normal pliers do not bend them evenly around your string, which can cause your string to snap or the nock-point to come loose, which can cause serious injuries!


Weight and Size information:

Blue 2.8 grains – for 8 to 10 string strands

Black 5.4 grains – for 12 to 14 string strands

Red 7.5 grains – for 14 to 16 string strands

Note: Nock points are sold individually!


Why have we selected this product?

Cramp on nock points have been invented by Saunders. They’re strong and reliable and work ideal with the Saunders Nock Point Pliers as they can be reset once re-tuning is needed.

Additional information

Nock Size

Blue – 8 to 10 String Strands, Black – 12 to 14 String Strands, Red – 14 to 16 String Strands


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