TRAD Tab Pro Pinch-Free Shooting Tab


A traditional archery shooting tab with loads of features. Not a fan of gloves? Try one of the best tabs we could find!

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A Traditional Shooting Tab with Loads of Features

Not a fan of gloves? Try one of the best traditional shooting tabs we could find!

The TRAD Tab Pro Pinch-Free may look like any other shooting tab but has a few notable features:

  • This is actually a 3 layer tab with a rubber middle layer. This extra layer ensures better contact between the hide part (the one with the fur) and the thicker leather inner part (the one that protects your fingers).
  • A plastic spacer on the back prevents finger pitching on the arrow.
  • An extra rivet behind the finger hole ensures extended lifespan as it prevents the tab from ripping when it is put on and off.

Good quality leather and soft, dense fur complete the features of this great archery shooting tab.


Available in Right and Left Hand

Please note that this is a split finger tab, so select the correct right hand or left hand version for your shooting hand.


How to find the right size shooting tab?

A simple way could be to measure the width of the middle 3 fingers of your shooting hand when next to each other in relaxed position in mm just above the palm (e.g. for me that is 65mm). Then add 10mm (for me that’s 75mm) and make a selection by the width (so Size S for me).


Sizes (total length, max. width)

XS – L: 85mm W: 68mm

S – L: 95mm W: 75mm

M – L: 100mm W: 78mm

L – L: 102mm W: 80mm

XL – L; 105mm W: 82mm


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