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Important Safety Note For Carbon Arrows

Any carbon arrow can be damaged from shooting without showing any visible signs. This can be caused by arrows that were hit by another arrow or arrows that glance of a rock or tree or a corner of a target. A defect arrow can cause severe injuries as it may break at release and the rear end could end up sticking in the archer’s hand or arm.
Please inspect every arrow after each shot to avoid injuries:

  1. Flex the arrows as in the picture above to identify any internal structural damage. It should bend evenly without any grinding feel. Rotate it about 120deg, flex again, repeat once more. If it breaks, it was already broken, you just couldn’t see it.
  2. Check that the nock shows no cracks.
  3. Check that all feathers are still on.
  4. Screw the point in tight if it became loose.
    Have fun and stay safe!

Watch our fun video about a flex test, that will also see Markus getting a small fright: