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Complete Traditional Longbow Accessory Set


Kick Start your Archery Journey with this Fantastic Traditional Archery Accessory Set for Longbows

A complete set to begin your archery journey:

  1. A bow stringer to protect your bow from the dreaded limb twist
  2. An Armguard to protect your forearm from any harm
  3. A shooting glove for more accuracy and less tingly finger tips
  4. A quiver to store your arrows in
  5. A bow sleeve to protect your longbow from scratches
  6. A string keeper to stop your string from de-twisting while your bow is not in use

Just chuck in some arrows and you’re ready to go!

This set does not include arrows!

  • TRAD Comfort Shooting Glove

    Our most comfortable archery shooting glove! This shooting glove provides a perfect feel for the string with ample fingertip protection.

    All our TRAD Prime and TRAD leather products are free of any nasty chemicals.

  • TRAD Guard Armguard

    This armguard is made from a thick black cow leather base layer and a suede leather top layer with plenty of features and great looks. One of the first armguards I (Markus, owner Archery Park) have ever bought and I'm using it to this day.

    All our TRAD Prime and TRAD leather products are free of any nasty chemicals.

    37 in stock

  • TRAD Side Quiver

    Practical suede leather quiver for the range or field with many practical features like arrow divider, tool pocket, attachment rings and more.

  • TRAD Bowsleeve Fleece

    Protect your longbow from scratches while traveling or when not in use with this lightweight black fleece bow sleeve.

    65 in stock

  • Archery Park String Keeper

    Keep your string from de-twisting with this handy little leather string keeper. Keeps the string where it belongs: on your bow!

    87 in stock

  • Bow Stringer Pro

    A bow stringer is an essential tool for every archer to prevent twisting and other damage to your bow limbs. Using a bow stringer will ensure you keep your warranty for newly sold bows.

    5 in stock

5 in stock

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TRAD Comfort Shooting Glove


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Draw Hand



TRAD Guard Armguard

Dimensions 15.5 × 17 cm



TRAD Side Quiver

Dimensions 50 × 11 × 8 cm
Draw Hand




TRAD Bowsleeve Fleece

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 10 × 2 cm


Archery Park String Keeper


Bow Stringer Pro



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