Complete Traditional Longbow Accessory Set

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A complete set to begin your archery journey: A bow stringer, arm guard, shooting glove, quiver, a protective bow sleeve and a string keeper.

TRAD Guard Armguard

This armguard is made from a thick black cow leather base layer and a suede leather top layer with plenty of features and great looks.

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TRAD Comfort Shooting Glove

Our most comfortable archery shooting glove! This shooting glove provides a perfect feel for the string with ample fingertip protection.

Pure Side Quiver

Clean looking and affordable traditional side quiver archer made from real suede leather that can be worn by both right and left hand archers.

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Bow Stringer Traditional

Protect your bow from twisted limbs! A thick leather pocket and thick leather saddle will hold your bow secure while you string it.

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TRAD Bowsleeve Fleece

Protect your longbow from scratches while traveling or when not in use with this lightweight black fleece bow sleeve.

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Archery Park String Keeper

Keep your string from de-twisting with this handy little leather string keeper. Keeps the string where it belongs: on your bow!

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Kick Start your Archery Journey with this Fantastic Traditional Archery Accessory Set for Longbows

A complete set to begin your archery journey:

  1. A bow stringer to protect your bow from the dreaded limb twist
  2. An Armguard to protect your forearm from any harm
  3. A shooting glove for more accuracy and less tingly finger tips
  4. A quiver to store your arrows in
  5. A bow sleeve to protect your longbow from scratches
  6. A string keeper to stop your string from de-twisting while your bow is not in use


Chuck in some arrows and your ready to go!

Additional information

TRAD Guard Armguard

Dimensions 15.5 × 17 cm



TRAD Comfort Shooting Glove


, , , , ,




Pure Side Quiver

Dimensions 43 × 8 × 6 cm


TRAD Bowsleeve Fleece

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 10 × 2 cm

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