A short video about 3D archery from our tournament

At Archery Park we actively develop traditional archery on 3D archery courses. In order to bring people in the region together we invited to the 1st Easter Hunt official 3D tournament at Archery Park. And we had the camera running.

10 skilled archers from the region participated on the day. After a relaxing 3 arrow round stress levels got up when the fan was setup. You have 20 seconds to shoot as many targets as you can, but you can only shoot the next target once you have hit the one before – and of course the further you get the more points you achieve. Once we all got through this, we had to focus even more. The final round was a single arrow hunter round. This was the round that would settle the scores.

It was a great day, people met and became friends, bows were looked at, arrow tuning was discussed and the treats the Easter Bunny had scattered throughout the 3D range were devoured. The day was finished over a cold one at the Prince Albert Bar.

If you’re interested to have a go at 3D archery get in touch for a guided tour. Learn more here.


Due to Covid 19 Archery Park is closed until further notice.
See you on the other side. Stay sane and safe!

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