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Free Archery Range Safety Sign with Pictographs

A new Archery Range Safety Sign approach

We have distilled the most important archery range safety rules into a set of 10 rules. We have then designed easy to understand pictographs describing the expected and the wrong behavior. The pictographs were tested and refined using feedback from our visitors until they became self-explanatory.

Our new safety sign quickly became a great tool for non-native English speakers, people with hearing disabilities and it provides an additional visual channel for everyone else.

We have decided to share our archery range safety sign with the archery world. Safety is a concern for all of us and we would like to contribute our part. To our understanding it’s the only available archery safety sign with pictographs.

Archery Range Health and Safety Rules signboard

There are a few rules around how you can use this on your archery range:

  1. It’s totally free to display at your archery range. Even if you run a commercial operation. But you can’t sell copies of the sign or print parts of it on a sticker or T-shirt and sell those – basically you are not allowed to make a financial gain from the sign.
  2. You are not allowed to modify the graphics, remove the license text or our logo! If you need changes or a white label version, please contact us and we can offer a design service to incorporate your required changes. A white label version will allow you to sell copies.
  3. You must credit us and the source of the file (this website).
  4. It would be awesome if you send us a picture of where you use the sign. Just send us a message and we give you our email.

You can download the – Archery Range Safety sign from here as a PDF in high resolution.

Creative Commons License
Archery Park Safety Rules by Archery Park Limited (New Zealand) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.