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How To Build a Large and Affordable Archery Target

When you practice archery you are going to need an archery target. As they can be the most expensive piece of archery equipment we looked into various ideas until we found a suitable solution for us. We’re sharing it with you in our how to video.

In our video we’re making a 1m * 1m long lasting archery target for under $50 – the same type that we use daily at our practice range.

We’ve been using this setup for nearly 2 years now and it works for traditional bows up to 50#, and probably even more.

You need:

– a Morrell Polyester target face (which you can buy from us – click here)

– 3 hay bales

– a pallet to keep the hay bales of the ground which stops them from rotting

– two ratchet straps

– a small tarp

– string and a knife

Have fun!