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Keep your bow and equipment safe and functional

Please read these important notes to keep your warranty and a safe and well shooting bow!

  1. String all bows with a bow stringer. Check our video:
  2. NEVER Dry Fire (shoot without an arrow) your bow! It will take serious damage AND can cause serious injuries.
  3. Correctly assemble your bow and put the string on the correct side. Recurve and Hybrid Bows can be confusing, wrongly assembled bows will take damage. Check our video:
  4. De-string your bow after each shooting session and store it hanging or lying flat to reduce string following. NEVER stand it on its limbs.
  5. Do not leave any archery equipment in the hot sun, especially not in your car. Bow limbs may twist or delaminate and risers can split in high temperatures.
  6. Regularly check that your string brace height is within recommendation. Keep the string waxed and replace at the first sign of fraying.
  7. Ensure your shooting is safe and no others can come to harm. Ge a free copy of our safety sign here:
  8. Check our video for 10 simple steps on how to shoot your new bow: