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Bowhunter Society 65th Annual Tournament (2023)

By Jamie Lock

It was an excellent weekend shooting at the 2023 Bowhunters Tournament hosted by the Canterbury Archers’ Society Inc and the NZBS.

There was a whole course of new Wildcrete targets supplied to us by Archery Park NZ that had been put out a couple of weeks beforehand. We were especially happy when Archery Park NZ sponsored one of the larger targets for the Club. The tournament would be everyone’s first time out on the new revamped course!

It was a chilly Saturday morning but we had a good turnout of 70 people. Once we all had our instructions and got moving towards the course, we all warmed up pretty quick.

I competed in Compound Open this year and my group was all in the same class, luckily, we all had the same kind of mindset and took the first day with a laid-back attitude. Target to target we all shot rather well and somehow didn’t manage to break any arrows, not due to lack of trying as one of our group members misjudged a range and sent his arrow straight into a giant macrocarpa, the arrow escaped unscathed. We finished our round with only a handful of points between us.

We started out the second round on the Sunday morning a little earlier as it was forecast to rain later that day, same group as the previous day so we knew it would be a good round.

Aside from sore legs from all the uphill walking the previous day, we came out of it with arrows intact. This round was a lot more punishing on the scorecard, I didn’t do as well today but we had a blast none the less.

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