Malachit Hybrid Longbow 62" by Jackalope - German Quality

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German quality hybrid longbow with exciting colours and exciting specifications. A great bow for beginners and advanced archers alike.

Included: Bow, string, fur shelf rest.

Not included: Bow Sleeve, arm guard and glove – check our wide range for your style.

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Due to Arrive end of October 2020 – all pre-orders will be shipped with priority!


Jackalope Malachite Hybrid – The modern longbow

We’re proud to introduce the German archery brand Jackalope to New Zealand. Jackalope has been crafting fantastic longbows with renowned German quality since 2016 and has gained a global reputation quickly. Their trademark feature is that all Jackalope bows are named after gemstones that reflect in their modern designs and the desired heart and feel of the bow.

The Malachite series was one of the first bow serious made by Jackalope and is to this day an excellent choice for beginners and advanced archers alike, receiving raving 5* reviews.

The Design

Archers love nature and Jackalope wants to craft bows that are the perfect companion for this. The green-black dymondwood  of the riser, the light coloured maple layers of the limbs and the black fibre-glass form a perfect unit. The Malachite is named after the gemstones wonderful and unique green-black colour which is dominating in the riser.

The Features

At first glance this is a modern longbow – but with 62″ it’s a little too short. This is a classical feature of a modern hybrid: Shorter bows are made possible by designing longbows with much greater reflex-deflex design. This results in a more compact bow, with a smooth draw, high arrow speed and next to no vibrations. And yet the string doesn’t touch the limbs but only the tips.


Riser: Dymondwood
Limbs: Maple with Black Power-Fibre Glass
Tips: Bakelite


Technical Specifications

Bow length: 62″

Draw weights: 30# to 55# in 5lbs increments

Recommended Brace Height: 8 – 8.5″

String: Flemish Twist Dacron included, Fast Flight Compatible

Hand: Available in right and left hand

Maximum draw length: 32″

Included: Bow, string, fur shelf rest


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