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Learn how to shoot a traditional bow and arrow

10 simple steps to shoot a Traditional Bow and Arrow

This is a first introduction video into traditional archery. We show you 10 simple steps on how to shoot your traditional bow and arrow. This method is based on the IFAA coaching program and is adopted from the Korean archery training methods. Filmed at the Archery Park Nelson target range.

how to assemble a takedown bow

How to assemble a Take-Down Bow

Did you buy a new take-down bow? Like  Black Hunter Recurve or Longbow, or a Bearpaw Hero? Or any other bow that needs limbs attached to the riser before you can use it? In this video we show you how to assemble your take down bow on the example of a Black Hunter take-down Longbow. […]

how to build a carbon arrow

How to build a good carbon arrow

Watch our video to learn about our process, the tools  we use and the quality that goes into each arrow we build.

How to setup a new string for your bow?

New strings, or new bows that come with a new string, need to be setup for the bow. Out of the box they are usually too long and need to be twisted in for the correct brace height. Follow the existing twist. Brace Height Your bow will have a recommended brace height. Brace height is […]

What are the rules for bowhunting on DOC Land?

Hunting with Bow and Arrow on DOC Land Once you’re confident and happy enough with your archery skills you may consider bowhunting. Pretty much all game animals in New Zealand are introduced species, so you’re doing two good deeds at once: You remove unwanted pest that destroys the native forest and you bring kai to […]