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Traditional Archery Blog

What are the rules for bowhunting on DOC Land?

Hunting with Bow and Arrow on DOC Land Once you’re confident and happy enough with your archery skills you may consider bowhunting. Pretty much all game animals in New Zealand are introduced species, so you’re doing two good deeds at once: You remove unwanted pest that destroys the native forest and you bring kai to […]

How to Calculate your Draw Length

Why is knowing your draw length so important? Your draw length is the information of how far you pull the string back. The draw length is used to work out your required arrow length and provides information on the draw weight of your bow. Generally the draw length is expressed in INCH and written down […]

How To String a Bow

Watch our Video to learn How To String Your Bow To keep your bow warranty always string your bow with a bow stringer! So we start with that method and show you 2 more ways to string your bow for emergencies: Using a Bowstringer (for our selection of bow stringers click here Buy a Bowstringer) […]

How To Build a Large and Affordable Archery Target

When you practice archery you are going to need an archery target. As they can be the most expensive piece of archery equipment we looked into various ideas until we found a suitable solution for us. We’re sharing it with you in our how to video. In our video we’re making a 1m * 1m […]

The Story of the Archery Park Logo

The Archery Park Logo has a fair bit of history going all the way back to 2006. 4 years after I began with archery in Germany I already wanted to offer archery adventures. Together with my now ex-partner I launched a small company called Bogentaumel (loosely standing for Enjoyment of the Bow in German). We […]